Biblia Husema Broadcasting

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Radio Broadcasting has a great impact in Kenya today and in Africa as a whole.

You will hear it many times that when people are arguing over something one of them my quote the radio ‘Redio ilisema….’ Swahili sentence for ‘It has been said over the radio’ And with that the discussion ends. People in Kenya and Africa believe in what the radio says. 


One thing that has astonished me is how the Kenyan’s appreciate the radio. Most of our listeners here at Biblia Husema Broadcasting and Truth Fm own the radio as if it is theirs! You will be amazed at the number of phone calls and text messages we receive every day. People open up to us very quickly and tell us what challenges they are going through. Being Christian Broadcasters especially makes people develop so much trust with us. Many people give their lives to Jesus Christ over the radio. We are so grateful to God for giving us this opportunity to work in this great ministry.