Lost in Translation

|   africanews

there are only a few words that are the same in different languages,...

...for example Chai (tea) or here in Chad Boule. What is this, I would describe it as the main nutritional source made out of rice, milet or maize. 

You can find Chai and Boule everywhere, in a country with over 120 languages and everybody understands what it is.  And how do we get along with other words than Chai and Boule. Must we learn all these languages to be able to work as a missionary?

No, we do not. But, it helps tremendously to learn one or the other language.  To be able to do this you must commit yourselves for a longer period of time. He who begins to "plow" still has a lot ahead of him. 

According to the words of Jesus:

"No-one who puts his hands to the plow and looks back is fit for service in the kingdom of God." Luke 9,62 

We "plow" in between so many languages and sometimes feel lost. It helps to know French. This connects us, if not all people in Chad, but still many of all languages. With our team we are sitting right in the middle of this, while eating Boule after showing the Jesus film, or while drinking Chai, when we wait on the evangelists who are still praying with others.

Or, we pray in our heart for the people surrounding us and trusting God who understands all the languages that he helps us speak of him.  Even if we are here only a short time.