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God called me into missions at the most unexpected time. Having a good job, getting a salary, investing in private business, and being an active member of a local church is what characterized my life at this point.

I was reluctant when I received the request to come and lead Weer Bei Radio. There was nothing attractive in South Sudan to draw me here. However; knowing that being where God wants me to be is best, I thought carefully about the offer. After praying and seeking council from my pastors and leaders, it was confirmed that God was calling me here. Leaving my comfort zones: job, friends and home was not easy especially considering the ongoing conflict in South Sudan. I must admit that I was not sure of how I was going to live depending on support from willing friends. God has now taught me to live one day at a time and to trust Him.

Our 79 meter radio mast built by Diguna, broadcasts our programs to nearly the entire population of Nothern Bahr el Ghazal (NBeG) and well into neighbouring states. One blind illitrate man visited us a few weeks ago and testified how God was helping him through the radio. The only way for him to know God's word is through our bible readings on radio. Almost all churches in this region emulate Weer Bei's way of preaching and teaching of the gospel. The songs we produce and play on radio are sung all over in churches. As demonstrated in a recent audience survey, Weer Bei FM has the greatest number of listeners of any radio station in this state. We pray that God will continue using us to establish and strenghthen the Church in NbeG.


Joseph N.