Capital: Kinshasa

Population: ca. 69 million, ca. 250 ethnic groups

Languages: French (official), Lingala, Swahili, Kikongo

Religion: 50% Roman-Catholic, ca. 20% Protestant, ca. 10% Kimbanguism und ca. 10% Muslim

Church partner: CECA-20

Radio: RTK

Stations: Aru, Bunia (both in the eastern part of Congo)

Aru lies near the Ugandan border in the north-eastern part of Congo. Surrounded by a beautiful landscape our station is part of the CECA-20 compound.

Bunia is located in the eastern part of Congo ca. 45km west of Lake Albert. With 337.000 inhabitants Bunia is the headquarter of the Ituri region of Orientale Province. The project in Bunia was stopped in 2015 as a result of too less co-workers.


At 2,344,858 square kilometres, the DRC covers a land area larger than the combined territories of Spain, France, Germany, Sweden, and Norway. The country is struggling with corruption, selfish leaders and more then a decade of ethnic violence and war. The worlds largest UN peacekeeping force is in parts of the country to help keep tensions low.


We work under the evangelism department of our partner church CECA-20. Evangelism is our top priority with a special emphasis on mobile evangelism. Our 4-wheel-drive vehicles enable us to reach very remote areas that would normally not be accessible. 

We also work closely with several Christian radio stations in Aru, Bunia, Rethy, Isiro, Dungu and are planning for several more. 

With our vehicles, motor and carpentry workshops we also support the local church in various building projects such as schools, hospitals and churches.

We have a trumpet workshop where we repair and improve the condition of old instruments used by evangelists. In Aru we run an eye shop.



Historical background

The roots of our work belong to this amazing country. From 1981 until the civil war in 1996 Bogoro, a small town close to Bunia, was the base for all operations in Congo. In the year 2000 a small team begun again in Aru and from 2007 until 2015 a team was located in Bunia.