Capital: Nairobi

Population: ca. 43 million

Languages: English, Swahili und several others

Religion: ca. 70% Christianity (Roman-Catholic, Protestant, Pentecostal), ca. 10% Animism und ca. 20% Muslim

Church partner: African Inland Church (A.I.C.)

Radio: Biblia Husema Broadcasting

Stations: Mbagathi/Nairobi, Tinderet, Ngecheck, Lodwar, Kalacha  

Mbagathi is about 20 km away from the capital Nairobi (3,3 million inhabitants) and our headquarter in Africa.

Tinderet (children home) is located in the rift-valley-province. 

Ngechek (children home) situated near to the city of Eldoret in the western part of Kenya.

Lodwar (social welfare project) a city in northwest Kenya with 20.000 inhabitants



The stations are bases for our four-wheel drive trucks, which are used to transport evangelistic teams in co-operation with the inviting churches.

Beside that we regularly minister in the slums of Nairobi.

A major working field is the radio ministry that we do in cooperation with the AIC-church.

Furthermore we have a discipleship training school where African Christians are trained in spiritual basics. 

One other main emphasize is the school ministry. During weekends teams visit boarding schools in the densely populated surroundings. Trough various other projects, like sports and youth camps, we try to reach the youth with the Gospel.

There is also an evangelistic trumpet school.

In Tinderet, Ngechek and Lodwar DIGUNA runs social welfare projects.


Historical background 

After the last trans Africa-journey 1979 a station was built in Mbagathi which is now the headquarter for our work in Africa.