Capital: Juba

Population: ca. 10 million

Languages: English (official) and around 60 other languages

Religion: Indigenous religions, Christianity or Islam

Church partner: African Inland Church (A.I.C.)

Radio: Radio Grace

Stations: Lohutok (south-east)

Southsudan is divided by the Nile into two large provinces known as East and Western Equatoria.

Western Equatoria has the longer history of missionary activity with a large population of Christians, some to the third generation and many active church denominations to show for it.

The eastern side of the Nile, on the other hand, has a high concentration of unreached people groups. Most tribes of Eastern Equatoria still practise traditional African religions (Animism). Many of the tribes here need to meet the demands of the rainmakers in order to please the gods who will in turn bring rain.


DIGUNA`s Sudan team is working amongst the unreached tribes of Eastern Equatoria. With a history of evangelistic outreaches and some relief aid work the team is now settled in the Lopit Mountains. Continuing the work of AIM (African Inland Mission) missionaries we continue with what many would consider to be pioneer missionary work.   


Historical background

Since the beginning of DIGUNA many different outreaches have taken place in Sudan. In 2001, as one family started to serve in the bible school of Yei, we took the chance to build a base there.