Horst Kommerau , Licht über Afrika, SCM-Hännsler, 2012

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„If we take the first step, God will take the next.“

Vic Paul (founder)


Vic Paul, son of an American missionary, grew up in Congo. He had a very special concern to help the people in Congo and wanted to reach them with the Gospel of Christ.


Together with Wilfried Weber, Emil Böhnke and Horst Kommerau he started the “Congo-Team” at the Word of Life compound in Bavaria. They bought four old Mercedes Unimog trucks from the German army and, after having repaired them, drove them through Africa to Congo.


This was the first of several trans Africa trips which continued in 1974, 1976, 1977, 1978 und 1979. 


In the year 1976 the team moved from Starnberg (Bavaria, Word of Life) to Haiger (Hessen) after the company Hailo offered them a small factory. In November 1978 in Frankenberg / Eder the missions organisation DIGUNA e.V. was officially founded.


After the last trans Africa journey in 1979 a station was built in Mbagathi and now serves as the headquarter for our work in Africa.



To date DIGUNA runs stations in Kenya, Uganda, Kongo, South Sudan and Chad.