Our Mission



  • founded 1972
  • based in Haiger, Germany
  • about 220 missionaries
  • stations in Kenya, Congo, Uganda, South Sudan and Chad 


From beginning to the end the bible is filled with God’s intention for man- salvation and the return to a right standing before him:

"…who desires all people to be saved and to come to the knowledge of the truth."

1. Tim. 2:4 


God has already done everything for salvation - through the Saviour Jesus Christ. Yet how do men and women come to knowledge of this living truth?


The answer is that God sends his children into the most remote corners of this world to be ambassadors of his love. The DIGUNA team seeks to obey the Lord in the tremendous work of preaching the Gospel, especially in East and central Africa.


Our Work


Together with local churches, mission organisations and missionaries we work to spread the gospel throughout Africa. DIGUNA’s role is to support this mission through transportation and technical assistance. Due to the poor roads in most parts of Africa we have to use off-road trucks to reach the people in their villages.


We are also involved in radio broadcasting, literature distribution and youth ministries. Special bible correspondence courses and youth camps help us stay in contact with new believers.

In Kenya we run a home for abandoned children and one for those suffering with HIV-AIDS. We also work hard to equip Africans for ministry through our discipleship school and polytechnic school.


Africa is ready for the Gospel. Generally the people are very open and receptive. Many have left their idols behind and have committed their lives to the living God. It is not our aim to change their culture but to redeem it through the cross of Jesus Christ. Through God’s love they are able to abandon a fear and mistrust based religious system and experience true life and freedom.


Yet many have never head the name of Jesus and the good news he brings. Who will go and spread this Gospel?