Social Welfare

With more than 41% of the population under 15 years old Africa is the youngest of all the continents. In Kenya about half of the country is younger than 15 years. Many cannot read or write and come from difficult family backgrounds and poor economic situations.


It is our responsibility to help them.

Our Work

Turkana Child Care Project (TCCP) Lodwar/Kenia since 2003

HIV/AIDS is spreading rapidly in the Turkana area. Many of the adults die at middle age and leave their children orphaned – often confused, neglected and misused and in need of help. Orphans are vulnerable children and need special care. According to African cultural traditions the care for orphans is the responsibility of the child’s extended family. TCCP seeks to strengthen this concept by helping with:


  • Family integration
  • Education
  • Food and medical care
  • Direct help for the orphan
  • Material and moral support
Rainbow Children Home Tinderert/Kenya since 1991

About 180 abandoned and neglected children from around Kenya have found a home in Tinderet. Living together with a responsible guardian these children form new families with up to 24 in one home. We share our lives with the children, educate them in our primary school and share the hope that we have in Jesus with them. 


Royal-Totos Children Home Ngechek/Kenya since 2005

A big problem in Kenya is AIDS. Many children have lost their parents through it or are infected with the virus. That’s why DIGUNA started the project “Royal Totos” (“King’s children”) in Ngechek. It is our vision to create a home for up to several hundred children suffering from the disease and to give them a new hope for their lives.


Discipleship School Mbagathi/Kenya since 1986

In Mbagathi we have a discipleship training school where African Christians are trained in spiritual basics. Offering courses that last anywhere from 4 weeks to 3 years our discipleship schools seeks to help build a solid biblical foundation for the churches that send their members to our school.


Polytechnic Tinderet/Kenya since 2002 

Our polytechnic was started to enable the children form our Rainbow Children Home to have a chance to learn a practical trade after their eight years of primary school. Beginning with masonry classes in 2000 we now offer classes in plumbing, metal work, tailoring, catering, auto- mechanics, carpentry and computer.