There is more work to do than any single organisation can handle. That is why we try to support other missions with the skills that we have.

Our Work


Transport and support for other organisations and missionaries 

With our trucks we help to transport goods for the church or for humanitarian help. We also offer our knowledge and technical skills to other organisations and missionaries.


Eye Shop Aru/Congo since 2004

For most of the people in Congo it is almost impossible to get glasses. Throughout the year we visit different villages and give people a chance to have their eyesight tested and to receive their own glasses.


Garden Project Turkana/Kenya since 2010

Planned gardens are one solution in the fight against hunger. These fenced off areas and irrigated with water pumped from a well using solar energy and provide a sustainable crop for the farmers in drought hit areas. 


Basket Waving Project Turkana/Kenya since 2003

More than 60 women are involved in the production of baskets made from the fibbers of the doum palm trees. One third of these baskets are sold in Kenya while the rest are sold in Europe in various church bazaars, prayer breakfasts and mission gatherings. The profit goes towards the Turkana Child Care Project (TCCP), which helps orphans in the area.